Thank you!!!!!

     Reviewed On 6/13/2015

Before I got engaged, I saw no need for a wedding planner. I had my wedding mapped out in my head since I was 5 years old. I already knew what I wanted, so why did I need any help? I was totally wrong! The minute I started working with House of Tales Events and Design, a stress was lifted from my shoulders. From day one of planning, Maya Jareou, the company’s owner, did all the heavy lifting. She created a budget for me, (you’ll need a planner to do this for you! I had no clue how much things actually cost!), and presented me with options for venues, photographers, florists, and everything else in between. She even brought the vendors to our meetings to be interviewed, which saved me tons of time. Maya knew my vision for my wedding from the start, so every idea she had was exactly what I was looking for. When thing got stressful, Maya calmed me down. There is something about her personality that puts a bride at ease! I never had to worry about things going wrong, because Maya took care of it immediately. I’m sure things happened that I don’t even know about, but that’s the beauty of working with her! The bride doesn’t need to deal with the normal stresses of wedding planning. I know many of you reading this are wondering if you can afford to hire a wedding planner, and if it’s really worth the money. Let me tell you, you can’t afford NOT to hire Maya. Because of Maya, I was able to get some significant discounts on many things. I would never have been able to get these discounts on my own. Maya literally paid for herself three times over with all the money she saved us. I will be forever grateful for this! My wedding day was simply amazing. Every guest in attendance told me it was the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever been to, I love her like a sister!! You want someone like that to be in charge of the biggest day of your life. I couldn’t recommend Maya more. I don’t know why every bride in Dallas doesn’t hire her. She’s worth every penny she charges. At one point, I asked her why she doesn’t charge more!! You won’t be disappointed with House of Tales Events and Design.

Excellent Value and Quality Planner

     Reviewed On 5/27/2015 Daniel E

Maya is amazing! She was with us every step of the way! She would call and text, and make sure everything was on point for my big day. She came with me to every vendor meeting and helped me decide of who to choose. She put in her professional input and listen to mine and my family's input as well and we would work together to make a perfect decision :) She would often be overly cautious, which is a MUST for weddings, and her timelines and emails to vendors were what were needed to pull of the perfect wedding. Maya is a very passionate and professional planner (with an excellent eye for design!) and an excellent friend to have on your side while planning for your perfect day!

Dream Wedding!

     Reviewed On 10/10/2014

I have been dreaming about my wedding ever since I was a little girl. I have planned the day in my dreams for years and when my now husband, asked me to marry him, I thought that I could finally make every detail a reality with absolute ease. The journey started off rough because finding a good wedding planner was not as easy as I thought. In fact, it was a bit of a nightmare! All the ones I saw were focusing on all the wrong thing and I felt like screaming - this is MY wedding, not yours! I was just about to give up, when I found Maya! She is God sent. Maya made me feel like a princess! She understood what I wanted and most importantly delivered a wedding beyond my wildest expectations, and she did so without ever making me feel nervous about anything! Her attention to detail was so superb that it left everyone at the wedding (STILL) talking about my special day! I love it! Everything .. and I mean EVERYTHING... was taken care of! House of Tales is the real deal and I would only recommend them to all my friends and/or anyone looking to get married!


     Reviewed On 11/25/2015 Kate B


I was very hesitant in putting any of the budget toward a wedding planner/coordinator, but when I met with Maya, I was blown away by the confidence in making our day magical and price. From the time we made her our official coordinator, she was at our beck on call. She went out of her way to schedule all my appointments to directing the design of our wonderful day. She even was there for emergency "calm down" sessions whenever I needed her. She is go to person for bargaining with other venders. Maya provides the empathy with emotional brides and confidence boost for grooms. If it wasn't for her, I don't think our wedding would've been as exceptional as it was. Thank you Maya for being there every step of the way and making such a great memorable celebration for us. XO, Kate

     Reviewed On 10/30/2015 Layla A

Working with Maya Jareou of House of Tales Events and Design was a great experience from start to finish!! as a bride i couldn't ask for more. Maya was great to work with, always there for me when i needed her. Very knowledgeable and has great connections with vendors. She has an amazing talent and she truly committed to make the impossible possible for her client. We loved everything in our wedding. I was very happy thanks to her.


     Reviewed On 10/18/2015

We were both so happy with how well the wedding went and how smoothly every- thing was thanks to Maya of House of Tales. My step-mother keeps saying to me “it was really good to have coordinators” and I agree! You went above and beyond what we expected and it was great not having to worry about getting things set up and dealing with vendors. Again, thank you so much for all of your help for the wedding!


     Reviewed On 10/13/2015

Maya of House of Tales Events and Design were quite simply a pleasure to work with. She was always upbeat and always positive. we knew that she would be the one to help us plan our wedding. She made us feel so comfortable, and that is what makes her special. We are so grateful for all of her advice and creative design ideas for our wedding. My wife and I are very Thankful.



Reviewed On June 11th 20016

A "flawless execution of excellence" by House of Tales Events and Design.  Maya and Chelsea - love your style- to the point, succinct, everyone prepared and happy.  That's why I think things went so smoothly . . . at least it appeared that way.  I know that on wedding day there is always some drama once in awhile that goes on behind the scenes, but after observing both of you, I ‘m sure everything came off without a “hitch."Lorena and Kim's wedding was a joy - lots of smiling and happy people. Thanks for all you did to make life easier for me.  There are many times when I am both the "coordinator and minister".  It was great to get to team up with you.  Throughout the whole process, I never saw either of you without a smile.  Your cheery dispositions and demeanors really helped to put everyone at ease.   I hope I get to work with you again sometime.  I always leave with a sense of wonderment after "tying the knot for two people whose fairy tale life is just ahead of them.  Thanks for helping me make that happen.

God bless, 

Marty Younkin. Executive DirectorLoveNotes - DFW Clergy Services